Most leaders at the formative stages of their leadership journeys struggle to define or grasp quite clearly all the leadership models, for which there are many. More so is the fact that individuals apart from being leaders have their own personalities and characters that speak to their own uniqueness. These personal traits coupled with the public attention and the exposure of being a leader leave most young leaders going through the turmoil of projecting a good image as leaders as well as create a good sync with their teams. Striking this balance is not easy but the attempt to try is what defines a good leader or one who is willing to work as opposed to one who is not.
Leadership to me is working towards the realization of shared vision, one becomes a leader by motivating, inspiring action and being consistent in their engagement. The science of being a leader is not cast in stone and leadership is something we can work to become better at, we grow better at it the more we take a shot. But we must challenge oppression and take power from those who advance oppression as we engage in our leadership. This is why Feminist leadership appeals most to me as a young African feminist.

maxwell With being a leader comes the responsibility of building systems and structures beyond yourself and advancing selflessness. This only happens if we focus on growing together with those we work with and thriving in servant leadership so that we are a team and recognize the need to constantly empower each other and be strong together.

maathaiThe greatest liberation for leaders is their minds and the inbuilt will in their belief to do good. If you are anchored in such foundation, not even opposition personally directed to you or structural will stop you.




Even though tied to colonialism and a history of oppression particularly for former colonies and those formerly under British rule despite this starting point, the commonwealth now represents  a fora for advancing unity and identity. Unity in the sense that the countries therein seek to advance development as a united front and engage globally under one umbrella. This also to me represents a global platform that is keen on advancing global development while taking cognizance of the diversity of countries and individuals therein from across the world. To me the commonwealth represents deliberate, intentional and conscious efforts to make good of a negative past and recognize the former ties as a place to start positively despite the negative connotations.

I would lay more emphasis on gender equality in the charter in ensuring that women and girls from across the commonwealth enjoy the full benefits of their citizenship and are enabled to participate fully and effectively in social, economic and political development of their countries and the Commonwealth.